Humiliation at its Best

I love humiliating slaves and subs, it really makes me laugh and definitely entertains me!
In this clip I am going to tell you what YOU are going to do for me.

First of all I am going to take humiliation to a new level.  I am going to give it a new meaning for you!  I am not only going to humiliate you… I am going to humiliate your wife!  By the end of this clip you will be pawning your wife’s wedding ring, stealing and selling her engagement ring, maxing out your credit card on me right before her birthday celebrations, lying about money to her, pretending to get a pay cut, getting her to buy cheap Walmart clothes whilst you buy me designer clothes, oh the list goes ON!!!

Yet, the more and MORE I take, the harder and HARDER  your life gets. Eventually, your addiction will run so deep, that NOTHING will ever stop you Giving me what I want.
Before you know it, you will be crying and most probably be vomitting in a corner somewhere!
Get ready for humiliation at it’s BEST!!!