Only The Best Will Do

The company has sent us both on a Business convention.  You have always been infatuated with me so jump at the opportunity to spend some time with me.  When we arrive at the hotel, I am NOT satisfied with the basic hotel rooms they have booked for us.  Someone of MY stature deserves only the best.  I order you to get out your sad little wallet and pay for the luxury penthouse suite just for me.  Oh and don’t think you’ll be joining me  – your only function is to PAY for all of this.  I KNOW you will do it, you are such a pathetic loser, always spending your hard-earned money on me and my wishes.  I want first class room service, expensive champagne and spa treatments.   I may also watch a few movies and make use of the mini-bar.  All of which will be coming out of YOUR bank balance when you pay the final bill.

By the way, YOU will be sleeping in the car – in the dark, cold car park.  I’m not having you waste any money that could be spent on ME.

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