You Will Never Have This

You get a phone call from me out of the blue – you can’t believe it. You haven’t heard from me since I stood you up all those years ago – I gave no reason, just left you standing outside that restaurant all alone like a LOSER. I never answered any of your calls or texts since.  Well now you have another chance – or at least you THINK you do.

You turn up once again, like an obedient little dog, so full of expectation.  As I walk towards you, my perfect body takes your breath away.  In the restaurant I order the most expensive items on the menu, champagne, the works!!  After telling you all about my financial hardship, you eagerly send me large amounts of cash via bank transfer.  Wow, what a loser… I have you literally on your knees right there in the restaurant.  You will do anything to impress me!

After draining you of a substantial amount of cash, I stand up and say…. guess what – you will NEVER have this!!  Do you really think such a Goddess would waste her precious time on a little weak loser like you?  You will NEVER touch this perfect body.  I then tell you that me and my handsome, successful boyfriend are now off on a luxury vacation staying at the most expensive hotels.  We will be spending all your money plus the money of all the other losers I have drained!

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