HypnoSub – Drone Programming

Most of my slaves are addicted stroke worshippers who love my life ruining control.  They welcome it like a gift. Others, like you, are addicted submissives, yet remain fearful of the power I hold over them… that fear becomes their stumbling block.  This hipnotic clip is designed to remove that fear to enable you to become a fully functional drone slave.  After watching, you will embrace and accept your addiction to me.  I am like a drug to you.  But this drug cannot be discussed with anyone.  Nobody will understand you.  You will be laughed at.  So take the next step at welcoming the life ruining control I have over you.  Before you know it, you will be part of my army of drones.  Keep on marching.  Keep on Working.  Keep on paying.  That is your mantra.  You will embrace and accept your new drone lifestyle and I will become your number one priority.  You will be left fearless and ready to join my mass army of marching drones!  Lock the door, shut the curtains and be ready for the most important trance you will ever experience.  Be warned… there is no turning back once you are a fully programmed drone.