Business Sign Over

I’ve been building up your trust in me for a long time now.  You now trust me so much that you have been telling me all about your business secrets. I have been offering my advice which in turn has actually been helping your business grow.  Why would I do that you ask? Well, today is the day that I finally let you in on my little devious secret.  All this time I have been watching you work hard at growing your little money maker.  I love watching your business flourish because it is my future. yeah, thats right, today is the day that you WILL sign over your business to me.  I’m not talking about percentages… I’ talking about ALL of it.  You have been spending more and more time jerking off to my clips, but today is not a fantasy.  Today it is real!!!  In this clip I will be guiding you through the process of how it will be done and watching you take the ultimate plunge.   It will all be over quicker than you could possibly imagine.