A Cog In My Machine

I often get asked how I manage to maintain such a luxurious, rich lifestyle.  I tell them I am a very successful business woman.  Yet, if the truth be known, I don’t work hard at all.  Infact, my life is so easy, I spend most of it shopping or relaxing.  So, you wonder how I do it?  Well I’ll let you in on a little secret…. I have hundreds of little worker slaves, slaving away 24/7, earning me lots of cash and spending hours promoting me.  My kingdom never sleeps.

When I am partying in luxurious night clubs with the rich and famous, living the high life, I have many little losers sat at their desks, slaving away for me.  When I go on my massive spending sprees, I have pay pigs at home sending me more money, sometimes more than I can even spend in a day. When I’m relaxing at home, I have pathetic broke addicts applying for loans.  Each and every one of them are little cogs in my big machine.  You hate me for this…. but it won’t stop you buying this clip;)

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