Worker Bot

Oh life just doesn’t get any better for you does it? In a constant, desperate attempt for my attention, you send tribute after tribute. But when your bank hits that magic zero and you need your fix, the panic sets in….

You scurry around looking for pay day loans and other sharks that might give you another cash to get another hit. But when that dries up, you are left with no choice… Despite working a full time job, you offer up your services to me as a worker.

Your friends and family cannot understand why you are no longer available. Why your phone is permanently switched off and why you spend every evening on your computer. Of course, the reason you sit there working like a robot is in a desperate plea for attention and to satisfy your Goddess. You will do anything to see me richer and more powerful, and you hope that all your many hours of work just may be repaid with a few seconds of my time.

So you work and work, without thought… Sad little bot.

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