Shameful Remorse

Everything comes to an end the moment your bank balance runs out. Ironically, this is also the moment I lose interest in you. So… milked of all cash, I give you permission to milk yourself.

The volcanic feeling of satisfaction is over in a second as you hit by a barrage of shameful remorse.

Then come your same old thoughts… “What have I just done?”, “What did I get out of it?” “How am I going to eat and pay my bills?”.  Yet my favourite… the same thought, every single time… “I’m never doing this again.”

Don’t think you are going to crawl away and pretend this was your last time loser. Oh no, in this clip you are going to look deep into my eyes and listen to me tell you the truthful harsh reality… This is going to happen to you again AND AGAIN. There is no escape, EVER. Admit to yourself…you are a loser for life.

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