True Humiliation Part 2

Best viewed after watching ‘True Humiliation Part 1‘.

You’ve become so good at being a sissy slut feature dancer that you are attracting a big crowd.  I program you further to undergo transformation surgery. Tonight is your big performance after getting huge new big tits and shrunken dick.  Oh, and guess what….I made a little call to your ex, letting her know about your new look and occupation.  She is coming along to view your performance tonignt and brining her real man!  Wow, I can’t wait to see her face when she sees you!  You will be a laughing stock!! What I forgot to mention is that part of your programming included you losing all interest in being a sissy the moment you see your ex girlfriends face. Haha imagine the humiliation you will finally experience as you are up on stage, totally exposed and completely humiliated.  Only then will you what it is like to experience “True Humiliation”.

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