Manipulated Addiction

You and your wife undergo couples counselling.  In the sessions you revealed a deep seated addiction to women.  You see all women as sexual objects and show them no respect.  You can’t stop staring at them, lusting after them and jerking off at any opportunity.  You are quickly referred to Dr Saffron, a hot therapist who has a lot of experience in dealing with sexually dysfunctional men like you.  Before you know it, you are sat in her therapy office and put under hypnosis.  As she counts back slowly, her hypnotic British accent takes over you. You become a weak little inferior man, capable only in serving, but not all women, capable ONLY of serving one woman… Goddess Saffron.  That’s right, your therapist takes advantage of your new weakness.  She doubles and triples her hourly rate and becomes your new owner.  Every strong headed male who enters her office, leaves as a pathetic pay pig servant, willing to obey her every command at the click of her finger.  Get ready for the most effective submissive inducing therapy session you will ever experience.

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