Pay to Serve Me

You are such a lucky boy. Being a worker slave is such an honour for you. It is a privilege. So much of a privilege that you are going to pay for it.

Get ready for the ultimate list of chores you will be doing for me. The tasks I am going to give you in this clip will publicise me and build my already huge kingdom of followers. There will be no leisure time for you. Oh no, you will be spending every minute of your time working for Me! The more tasks I give you, the more you want to pay, the more you pay, the more tasks you want. It’s a never ending cycle for your pathetic existence.

For example, you could write descriptions of new clips for me. With every clip description you send me, you will send a $25 thank you tribute. You could also spend hours each day promoting me on blogs, forums, social media, and with each piece of promotion work you do, you will send a worker fee of $10. But hey, don’t let your new role get to your head! You’re nothing special… You are just like all the other pathetic slaves I have out there paying to work for me.

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