Love Addiction Deepener

After watching Love Addiction Trigger you have become completely besotted with Me. I am the first and last thing you think about each day. you serve like a good little slave, but your servitude is never enough to satisfy My greed. Today is the most romantic day of the year and you will deepen your love addiction by watching this very powerful mental reprogramming file. Sit back, relax, turn off your phone, lock the door, close the curtains and listen to My seductive words, My haunting voice and My soothing caress.  I am going to take you on a love addiction journey like never before. you will be left with a feeling of sensual euphoria. Warning: this video contains real mental conditioning triggers, manipulating visualisation and sounds. Do not drive or operate machinery after watching this clip. I can not be responsible for any negative effects or irrational actions that you may experience or undertake after watching this video. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: MIND FUCK, MENTAL DOMINATION, MESMERIZE, LOVE ADDICTION, GODDESS WORSHIP, FEMDOM, FINDOM, FEMDOM POV.