Hands Free Loser

When I first heard about your pathetic obsession for verbal humiliation, I didn’t know if to treat you with pity and contempt, or take advantage of your weakness!   Obviously, I decide to take advantage of you.  My cruel, humiliating, ego annihilating words make you pop HANDS FREE every single time!  As I stare down sneering at you with my ice cold looks, you can’t contain yourself.  You are such a LOSER!!  Just looking at me makes you pop your little cork… eww you are so pathetic.

In this clip I make a bet with you.  I BET that you will squirt you loser-load hands free like only a bona fide loser would.  I DARE you to be a real man and NOT get off on my annihilating insults.  If I win the bet (meaning you cum hands-free) not only will it prove I am always right, but that there will also be a tribute or gift buying fine to pay!   I begin to show you items on my wish-list, like expensive shoes, handbags etc. and make you repeat ego annihilating and brainwashing mantras.  I raise the fine without feeling one bit of guilt, because after all should it exceed your limits, all you have to do is STOP yourself from popping so there is nothing to worry about… right??

Every time you fail the test you will become WEAKER and more obedient for me.  Your bodily functions will be changed to work in MY favor. With each time you fail, it will become harder not to fail the next time.  Eventually it becomes impossible and you are transformed into my personal ATM!!  The only way you will be able to cum is by my ego annihilating words.  Nothing else will ever excite you, which in turn makes you an even bigger LOSER than you arleady are haha.

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