Glossy Latex Addict

I wore this latex dress today especially for you.  Not because I am being uncharacteristically nice to you, but because I know you have a latex addiction.  I know what makes you weak and helpless, regardless of my evil cruel verbal humiliation.  You are so in love and addicted to me, there is no hope for you when I wear latex.  I can get away with anything. I can milk you financially dry in an instant, just by the click of my fingers.  You are such a low, insignificant, disgusting, ugly male loser and I tell you this often.  What pathetic moron would put up with such verbal abuse? Only you of course, but this is because you life is so meaningless that you actually crave my cruel words.  That is why you pay me, over and over again, because there is no way on earth I would give you one second of my attention otherwise.  Paying is all you are fit for. Paying is your life’s purpose.  You don’t deserve my attention, that’s why the price is high.

Whilst I am out meeting real men and enjoying my luxury easy lifestyle, you are sat at home jerking off and paying me over and over again.  It’s hilarious. So go on, keep staring at my perfect glossy latex, listen to the sound of it snapping against my skin, listen to the creaking of that skin tight rubber.  Keep on staring at my perfect latex clad ass and tits.  Drives you insane doesn’t it?  Of course it does.  Make the most of this rare moment because it’s costing you.  Keep that money dripping and who knows, one day I may allow you to pop your little cork!