Your Wife’s Tears Excite Me

You’ve been late on your payments a few times now.  I warned you of the consequences of disobedience.  It’s not about the money, I don’t need that.  It’s about the disrespect.  So, after forgoing my warnings, today I met with your wife.  Yes, thats right.  I approached her at a cafe in the mall where she was having lunch.  I sat down beside her, introduced myself and began explaining to her why her sex life is so bad, why you have not been able to afford a vacation, why her husband never buys her gifts anymore.  It’s all because of this… I then hand her an envelope of photos.  Those photos show you jerking off to my verbal abuse.  There were also a few thrown in of you dressed like a sissy slut.  You see, I had to take those photos of you for insurance.  For events like today.  At first she thought we were having an affair, I laughed out loud and said “Oh my god no, that would never happen”.  She didn’t quite understand.  So I explained further.  I told her you can only get aroused from my verbal abuse. How you get great pleasure paying me tributes.  How you are addicted to watcing my findom videos.  All this went on for quite some time, until eventually I got what I came for… to see her tears!  I quickly reached into my handbag, not for a tissue, oh no.  I reached in for my camera:)  I could not resist capturing an image of her tears rolling down her cheeks…    I just had to take that photo of her, it got me so excited:)  Regardless of the disapproving looks I got from onlookers, I just didn’t care, I just loved seeing her cry.  You see, they don’t know me like you know me, do they?  At the end of this video I give you a nice task of telling me all about the horrible fight you are going to get into when you get home.  Looks like you are going to be busy with divorce proceedings anytime soon!  Oh and the payments you owe me, I’ve added interest on top!