Ultimate Humiliation

The ultimate humiliation and final breaking of a slave is something I take great pleasure in. From watching that first clip, you have been on a journey from alpha male to beta wimp. You have been slowly stripped of your dignity and drained. Crippling fetishes have been forever embedded into your brain and you are now a submissive for life.

But there’s one last step. One thing that however weak you were feeling, you always promised yourself that you would not allow happen to you. To be totally emasculated and transformed.

The process will be quicker than you think. In fact you won’t be able to think… You will be brainwashed into locking your redundant penis into a cage, where it will remain padlocked and in panties. Docile and weak forever.

You will crave to become a slut. You will crave lingerie, pantyhose, heels, make-up and then… Guess what else?

This video is also available in WMV