Truthful Foot Humiliation

Shot in POV style, I rest my perfect feet on a foot stool, ensuring my soles are right in your little slave face.  I also give you the added privilidge of admiring my Goddess Face.  Whilst staring at my perfection, I subject you to a barage of humiliation.  The mere fact that you are a 35yr old virgin loser, who has never kissed a girl, never had a girlfriend, who is addicted to womens feet is totally unbelievable!  I tell you how pathetic you are and how I love to torture virgins like you, because I know it hurts you SO much.  On top of your pathetic existance, you have been locked in a cock cage for the last month and are now desperately powerless towards my perfect feet and vicious words.  It gives me great entertainment to watch you suffer my abuse, whilst staring at the bottom of my feet .  You’ve been ignored, rejected and humiliated by girls all your life.  Everytime you fell in love, you were instantly rejected as you watched her get off with someone else.  You had no friends so spend all your time online, which led you to discover the world of Femdom!  You became hooked on buying foot humiliation clips, which made you even MORE pathetic.  You eventually developed a fetish for being rejected and cuckolded. You would always end up at home jerking off to the soles of women’s feet.

Today you are going to really stare at my soles and accept that this is all you ever deserve in life for being such a loser.  You don’t deserve real interaction  with a person. Only the lowest part of a girls body. the closest think you’ve had to ses is watching clips of hot wome berating you.  Your pathetic sad life makes my amazing life so much more enjoyable.  I force you to stare at my beauty, whilst I tell you how ugly you are.  I repeat over and over “I reject you” which deepens your loser status.  I tell you how all women despise you, always have and always will.  I am going to make you face your lonlinesss and force it to sink deep inside you.I tell you how its going to be when you are that real 40 year old virgin, then 50 year old virgin and so on. All because you are an ugly loser who wants to lick womens feet.

Finally, I decide you don’t deserve my feet any more, but I love leaving you with blue balls so much, that I want you to watch my sexy feet one more time.  I make you watch me walk away, giving you one last teasing agonising glimpse of my soles, slipping into some sexy backless shoes, all ready for my hot date with a REAL man.


 This video is in full HD 1920 x 1080.

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