Tricked into Chastity

I read somewhere that some guys actually like to be locked in chastity. You laugh at me, but I suggest a game. I eventually get you to try on a chastity device without locking it. But, before you know it, I bend over to distract you with my big tits and I quickly lock the device. Hahaha you are tricked into Chastity! You panic and try to get it off. In your struggle, I casually mention how I am off on a girls wild vacation for a few weeks and I am going to be wearing the key to your chastity device around my neck. I laugh at you and tease you with my sexy new swimsuit and how all the guys I meet on vacation are going to getting so aroused looking at me. All the while you are stuck at home like a little caged pet. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. I explain to you that your only chance of release is by sending me lots of tributes and cash to spend on my vacation. The more you spoil me, the more chance I may release you on my return home.