Subs are Playthings

Today I am going to tell you a true story about how My prosperous career as a Financial Dominatrix began.   A story so full of stomach turning male degradation it’s hard to believe.  Whilst down in your rightful place, in a perfect slave eye POV view, I tell you My story about how how I once met a wealthy, confident, man.  How he approached Me in a nightclub.  Oh if he had only known what a succubus he would create and how much I would change his life.  He quickly became besotted with Me and would stop at nothing to keep Me happy.  Some of the things I tell you are quite shocking at how far and low a man can go to please a Goddess like Me.  During My journey, I had no empathy for him. I got so much fun out of turning a successful self made business man into a desparate broke, ruined loser, who ended up living in a bedsit with an empty wallet.  The day he sold his final property to please Me, was the begining of the end for him.  Alas, when his money finally ran out, My biggest pleasure was getting him to shake out every last cent from his wallet.  I snatched those coins and walked away as a new woman, a new and mighty successful financial dominatrix.  I had found My true calling and potential.  Subs are playthings.  It’s all just a big game for me.   Since that very day there have been many weak males who have fell victim to my charms.  Those who have more surplus cash last longer before the final drain.  Ruining men financially and breaking down their dignity, is a passtime hobby of mine.  Watch my amusement as I explain how many weak empty headed males end up with not only zero bank balances, but zero male egos, it’s utterly hilarious.