Pay or Pay the Price

We’ve been seeing each other for quite some time now behind your wife’s back.  Suddenly, out of the blue, you restrict my access to your credit card which has hindered my spending sprees.  Big mistake.  I arrange to meet with you and sit you down ready for some amazing blackmailing confession.  I tell you all about how I secretly arranged for us to be filmed together, without your knowledge.  The recordings included you saying I was so much hotter than your ugly fat disgusting wife.  I blackmail you more and more by telling you how I am going to send the video evidence to your wife.  I demand you cancel your wife’s pension fund, porn her engagement ring and cancel the family vacation, just so you can give me all that cash to keep me quiet.  I demand you hand over the keys to your Mercedes and deposit another very large amount of cash straight into my bank account.   I even force you to give me a cut of your business and blackmail you to change your company name to “Saffron and co”.  Oh what fun  I have watching your face drain as I slowly, word by word destroy your life.  Oh and one last thing… before I walk away from the destruction I’ve caused, I give you one last glimpse of my long legs. At which time, you realise that no matter what I put you through, your addiction to me will grow deeper than ever before.

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