Nude Nylon Entrapment Part 2

 This video is in full HD 1920 x 1080.
Best viewed after watching Nude Nylon Entrapment Part 1.
I now hold a little secret of yours, about the day I had you on your knees stroke worshipping to my mesmerizing nude nylon stocking clad legs.  I secretly filmed your antics and used it against you to spoil me instead of your wife.  A few months have gone by and I meet up with your wife for lunch.  She tells me how upset she is that you no longer give her attention and how the gifts you used to buy her have stopped.  She is worried that you no longer find her attractive. She has even started wearing old clothes and ugly cheap shoes.  I tell her not to worry as I slip my hand into the gucci handbag you bought me. I apply my expensive Chanel make-up as she keeps talking. I pretend to be concerned, but secretly giggle to myself about the designer lingerie I am wearing that should have been hers.  She tells me how you are working late tonight and how she is starting to worry that you’re having an affair.  What she doesn’t know is that you are meeting up with ME to give me the keys to my new penthouse apartment, which I will be taking my real man to!  Wow you are such easy prey!  This video is in full HD 1920 x 1080.  CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: STOCKING FETISH, BLACKMAIL FANTASY, HUMILIATION, FOOT WORSHIP, HIGH HEELS, MIND FUCK, FINANCIAL DOMINATON, MONEY FETISH.

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