I Met a REAL Man

Oh how I love to humiliate you. Remember that time I disappeared for a few hours on our night out? Well I gave my number to a real man. Oh yeah, we’ve been seeing each other for a while now, and I just had to tell you all about our wild time together and how I’ve been cheating on you. Infact, I drained your credit card numerous times so we can have an amazing wild weekend together in a very espensive hotel. We had champagne, the works! Remember that luxury lingerie you bought for me that you haven’t seen me wear yet? Well I wore it just for him and he loved it so much. So my little cuckold loser, get ready to be drained further as I tell you all about my real man and how much better and bigger he is than you. I never realised how much of a small dicked loser you really are. Oh and by the way, your precious son is now my new money bitch too who I am also using and cheating on, just like you!!! Like father, like son!!

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