Meet The Boss

You start a new job, but you have yet to find out what your tasks are or who your boss is.  You ask around.  Eventually you get the opportunity to meet the boss.  You are surprised to see me when you enter my office.  You thought I was a secretary didn’t you.  Silly boy.  Today is the day you will be told exactly what you will be doing around here.  I sit you down, read your CV, then begin to seduce you.  I tempt you to touch my long legs.  YOu fall for it of course, and can’t resist. Then I pounce! What are you doing? How dare you touch your boss that way. Yes, you have been set up. I now have dirt on you.  Don’t try to run away because I have everything on CCTV.  All I have to do is make a phone call to report you for sexault harrassment or even assault.  So, shut up, sit down and lets get down to business. Here are all the menial tasks I have lined up for you.  Oh and by the way, no wages for you, that goes straight into my bank account.  Now you know why I am such a rich woman and that all my employees are so obedient, no matter what shit job I give them.

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