Male Ego Destructor

Something has been holding you back from complete enslavement. Something has got in the way of you making that true commitment to your Goddess.
That something is – your male ego.

The male ego is what stands between you being close and completely owned by a powerful Goddess and your selfish needs and fears.
Today I want you to find a place where you will not be disturbed, because today is going to be a major turning point for you. First I am going to disconnect you from your usual predictable reality. Then word by word I am going to dismantle that hard outer shell of yours, that seperates you from true enslavement. You are going to experience your male ego blissfully melting away, softening, lightening, being dissolved and slowly being dismantled. You are going to feel it pour away from your being as I reveal your soft inner side – your true inner slave, void of fears, selfish wants and distractions. You will become yet another specimen stored away in My vast collection of mind conquests.

Are you ready to give yourself to Me and be part of My ever growing collection? Let’s begin the destruction of that male ego.

This is a genuine femdom hypnosis session designed to induce new thought patterns and behaviours. It contains powerful visual effects and crystal clear audio. As with all genuine mind control sessions, the audio is of primary importance so requires headphones.

Warning: By listening to this file, you accept full responsibility for any positive or negative results. Do not drive or operate machinery directly after watching and/or listening to this file. Do not watch and/or listen to this file if you are suffering from any form of mental disorder or illness.