Make Me Richer

Goddess Saffron is the girl who has everything.  She enjoys only the finer things in life. Every day, losers hand over their pay checks, loans, pension funds, even income benefits and any other ways they can get their hands on money.   Why would losers do this you ask?  Well it’s quite simple… If Goddess Saffron wants, she gets!  The simple fact of knowing that the more you send her, the richer she gets makes you SO hard.  You mind goes blank the richer she gets.  Yet the richer she gets, the more your pathetic life gets ruined.  When she is sipping expensive champagne, you are buying budget ready meals.  When she is relaxing by the pool, you are slaving away in your mundane job.  Oh so many losers and so much money for Goddess Saffron to spend.

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