Humiliated Foot Freak

As you house mate, I confront you and tell you that we need to talk.  I sit you down and shock you by telling you that I know all about your pathetic foot fetish!!  Your heart pounds with anxiety and humiliation. How did I find out, you wonder!  Well I have the evidence.  More and more of my gym socks and shoes have been going missing from my room.  Today I decided to investigate and guess what, I found them ALL stashed in your room!!  You have been sniffing them and jerking off over them haven’t you?  Hahaha ewww OMG wait until I tell ALL my girlfriends.  You will be known as the “Foot Freak”.  You beg me not to.  I listen to your pleas for mercy and make you sit there, totally humiliated, as I tease and torture you with my bare sweaty SOLES!!  I make you a deal, you pay all the bills, plus do anything I want, whenever I want and I will keep your little dirty secret quiet!!  If you disobey me, you will be EXPOSED!!  Oh the power of my perfect feet, high arches, pedicured toenails and sweaty soles!  Get ready for your new life “Foot Freak”!!!

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