Femme Fatale at the Opera

This is a classic femdom masterpiece. Today you meet the ultimate Femme Fatale whilst at the Opera.  She is dressed in an elegant dress, long satin gloves, alluring boots, glossy red lipstick and expensive jewellery.  You have never seen such perfection.  As the dramatic opera music begins, you cannot stop staring at her as you sit by her side.  She is fully aware that your eyes are fixated on her mesmerizing elegance and commanding presense.  You pretend to drop something, just so you can get a perfect POV shot of her commanding boots.  Your eyes are drawn up her legs as she rotates her foot and bounces her leg teasingly to show off her boots.  Your heart pounds as she reaches into her purse and pulls out an elegant cigarette holder.  She lights the cigarette and looks down at you with disdain as she exhales.  You sit back up as she unexpectedly turns to you and whispers in an alluring voice “There is no escape from my empowering eyes, my seductive lips, my commanding and controlling boots“.   She tells you “with every one of my exhales, you will breathe in My poisonous smoke making you weaker and more submissive than ever before“.  Your mind grows weak.  She tells you “you are a good boy, a good pet, a good SLAVE“.  You are mesmerized.  She tells you to stand up, at which point she reaches into her purse and leans forward towards you.  With one snap, she locks a chastity device onto you.  The following words stay with you for eternity as she says “you will wear this with pride, you will save your pleasure for your Goddess, you will wear this for the rest of your life, you will constantly remain on the edge of orgasm when you are near me, you will dream of me whilst I am away.  Only I, your Goddess, has the magic key that will give you an orgasm.  After weeks of desperation you will find that you become a much better slave my pet“.  As the opera ends and the applause begin, she stands up and says “now follow behind me into eternal servitude“.  She walks away giving you a perfect shot of her curvaceous ass.