Evil Owns You

Most slaves were born and raised in a religion and culture. They are familiar with the idea of Satan, yet most of them don’t realise that they are worshipping evil and that femdom is satanic. But deep inside, subconsciously you know that you are worshipping evil. No matter what your religious beliefs, the true fact is that you worship evil.  The core of femdom is indeeded about worshipping Evil.  At some levels it may appear that it’s all about domination, obedience and twisted love, but believe me, its is much more than that.  Deep inside every slave he longs to worship evil.  My powerful feminine evilness is what drives you crazy.  Femdom without evil would not be femdom.    The more evil and merciless I am, the closer I am to perfection.  No religion or ethical system would accept this, that’s why femdom is way outside of any ethical system.  If you succumb to the charms of a femdom, then your true Diety is infact a She Devil.  Forget those fantasy religions, because I am the real deal.  Today I am going to reveal the true nature of your fetish.  I am going to grab that little slave face of yours and shove it right into the reality of your true indoctrination.  Firstly, let me tell you more about a Femdom like myself.  I go from day to day, destroying relationships and wreaking financial havoc. I walk in, tear down and leave a trail of destruction that leave many men quivering and unaware as to what has just happened to them.  It all happens much quicker than they think.  Once under my spell there is no hope for them.   Once deep under my control, I am treated very differently than anyone they have ever met.  You my pet, are soon going to be that next victim.  You will treat me like a God figure.  You will face the reality that there are Goddess like myself and there are others.  Two very different classes.   Let the mind fuck begin.