Drained by Succubus

I am a Demon incarnate. I am the Succubus that you will find impossible to resist. I am your ultimate fantasy and your biggest nightmare rolled into one.

As you become seduced more and more by my supermatural voice and bewitching body, I am going to milk you in more ways than one. you are going to be forced to stroke worship to My perfection. My succulent big tits, My empowering long legs, My flaxen long hair. All tools designed to coax you into My deadly trap of lust, manipulation and ruin. You are going to become so enthrawled, so obedient and so willing to please, that you will literally jerk your cash away.

Yes My weak mortal, I am the ultimate being, THE Goddess, THE Succubus, THE She Demon. But the My evil makes you love Me more than ever as the lust runs deep within your veins. I will soon be embedded deep within your mind and will leave you with nothing but an erotic memory that you will never forget.