Boot Obedience

I’ve always enjoyed looking down upon losers like you.  Today, I am going to teach you a lesson in boot obedience.  You will begin by getting doen on your knees and licking the soles of my boots.  You will be licking up every bit of dirt from the bottom of those boots.  The cold hard, shiny surface of that heel turns you into a quivering wreck of a slave.  Finally you progress onto sucking that heel.  I laugh at you, telling you what a little cock sucker you are.  I then have you un peel my boots, take them off and lick the sweat from between my hot steamy toes!  I bury your little face between my toes whilst almost suffocating you. Your pride plummets as your arousal increases.  This clip is the ultimate in boot obedience and sweaty foot suffocation.

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