Financial Domination

Financial Domination is a fetish that is often misunderstood – frequently associated with a cruel financial dominatrix who forces men to give her cash.  Often there is a misconception that the Financial Domme aims to leave the fin sub bankrupt.  The truth is that Financial Domination is simply a facet of the Femdom Fetish.  The allure of control is the driving factor of ‘Findom’. To hand over money is to hand over control.  Read more to fully understand the allure of findom.

Financial DominationWhat is Financial Domination

Financial Domination, also known as Findom, is the act of giving a woman (often a Femdom) money whilst expecting nothing in return. Why would someone do this? Simple – it is a power exchange. The payer, willingly gives money because they are into the humiliation fetish or the femdom fetish.  Sometimes it can be in combination of a variety of fetishes, yet predominantly Femdom. Just because a pay slave pays willingly, does not mean that he/she is entirely into financial domination. Often, it can be a facet of a multitude of fetishes, all of which empower women. Sometimes the mere thought of paying a $500 tribute is so humiliating, that it makes them want to do it more – often triggering a findom orgasm, which I refer to as “Fingasms”.

What is a Fin Slave

Fin slaves, also known as pay slaves, pay pets, money slaves, money pigs, etc. are most often males.  However they can also be female at times. Money slaves, are into frequently into the humiliation and control that Findom has over them.  Frequently, the mere fact of allowing a powerful woman to control their finances is enough.  Sometimes they crave more humiliation.

Is Financial Domination Dangerous

Often a Financial Dominatrix has a reputation of wanting to destroy or bankrupt a pay slave.  In all honesty, why would a Financial Domme really want to do this? By financially ruining a fin sub, she cuts off her own money flow. A knowlegable Fin Domme, carefully drips the findom sessions so that the pay pet gets a constant rush – instead of one big bang. Knowing how far to take a pay slave within his or hers financial limits, is a valuable skill of a fin domme.

A Beginners Guide to Financial Domination

I am often asked by many pay slaves, how much should I tribute Goddess?  Well, first, I like my potential new fin subs to read my Beginners Guide to Findom.  This findom tutorial, gives a great explanation of what it really feels like to experience findom.  I guide on how to make the very first tribute and what to expect regarding feelings and sensations.

Financial Domination Videos

Below are some of my most recent findom videos and clips, more of which can be found at my clips store