Beginner’s Guide to Findom

Beginners Guide to Findom

You’ve had a long term curiosity about Financial domination and always wondered what it would be like to act it out for real.  This is why I have written my Beginner’s Guide to Findom and Financial Domination.

What’s the best way to start as a beginner slave in findom?

This is a question often asked.  What better way to start off on the right track than by reading through the advice of a real Financial Domme. Before you begin on this new wonderful submissive way of life, you must remember that Findom is very REAL. It is not a fantasy. It is a REAL way of life.

Is findom dangerous?

Yes there is danger. Yes there is great risk, but the exhileration you will experience is unmatched in the fetish world. Where bondage and BDSM inflict temporary suffering, findom lasts way longer with bigger consequences. This is what makes Financial Domination SO exciting, SO exhilerating and delivers SO much more satisfaction.

How can I make findom real?

Firstly, start with little things – don’t buy yourself a lunch at work and give money to Me, Goddess Saffron.  Embrace the fact that you’re doing this just because I am superior and sexy.  Realise that this is REAL, a real form of slavery where you are sacrificing your needs for Me – the ultimate Goddess.  You are REALLY not buying lunch, and you are REALLY giving Me something useful.  Think about that for a while.

Realise that this simple act of sacrificing your lunch and tributing Me, your Goddess, makes you My slave.  My REAL slave, who is giving Me REAL things. Think about how sexy I am – it’s good to have your favourite picture of Me with you.  Save it on your phone and look at Me, look into My eyes while deciding to not buy lunch and tribute Me instead.

Is findom pleasurable?

Think about REAL slavery, sacrifice and Me – your true Goddess.  Then you will really feel the pleasure of Findom.

Remember that tributing is a ritual that makes you My slave. Focus on the pleasure you are getting from it. Tributing = pleasure. Tributing is a visible sign, a proof that you are inferior and I am superior. Look deep into My eyes and whisper it to yourself: “Goddess Saffron is superior”. If you must – touch yourself.

Then, when the pleasure is at it’s peak – TRIBUTE.

How can I be a good pay slave?

It’s always good to start with little things – it can be your lunch, it can be a cinema ticket, it can be a new set of tools. It is important that it should be REAL. That’s the only way you can make it feel REAL. Deny yorself a REAL thing and give the Me REAL money/gift.

Just try. In my opinion findom is the best form of slavery, because it’s a real deal. There’s no pretending, no acting.  You’re sacrificing something, and I (the Goddess) gets something real. Of course you will feel the pleasure of tributing, and I (the Goddess) will feel the pleasure of knowing that you’re becoming My slave, that you are willing to please Me (the Goddess). Pleasure gets more intense, when the act is real.

So, after reading my beginner’s guide to findom, do you still need a little more convincing? Adopt a bill, apply as a slave and/or sit down, relax and watch any or all of My Financial Domination videos.


Beginners Guide to Findom
By Goddess Saffron
Financial Dominatrix