Slave Application

So, you want to be a slave of mine?  Lets’ get one thing straight… nobody serves me for free!  If you are truly serious about submitting a slave application, you will have no hesitation in tributing  $50+ or sending a £40+ gift card. Remember I am a financial dominatrix and this is your first step in being taken seriously.  Note that I do NOT do real time, in-person femdom sessions or personal meets. Do not contact me offering ways in which to avoid paying.  There is only one thing you are useful for and that is by pleasing Me in the way of financial servitude or gifts.  Ensure to enrol at and graduate to ensure you are a proficient slave, also register at to earn points for every act of servitude.

Download and watch my Slave Application Process HD Video which will give you all the info you want.  I also recommend subscribing to my latest clips newsletter and viewing my photos for motivation.


Duty of a Slave

Once a slave of mine, you will be assigned a slave number.  This is your new identity.  You will be addressed by this number and use this number when contacting me.  You will undertake daily tasks within  You will not question your tasks.  You will not think.  You will simply obey.

Step 1: Send Compulsory Tribute

or your application will be ignored

Step 2: Submit Application

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