Remote Chastity Keyholding

Remote Chastity Keyholding

Do you lack the will power to remain chaste under My control?  Does the thought of Chastity terrify you, or excites you beyond belief? Just fact it, the fantasy of having a powerful women like Myself control your manhood, is truly a game changer as a submissive. Make this fantasy a reality – with My Remote Chastity Keyholding program.

By joining My remote chastity keyholding program, I can control your chastity device via an app, simply with a click of My long manicured finger.

Just imagine – instantaneous locking, instantaneous release regardless of where you are in the world. Hmmmm that sounds exciting doesn’t it My pet?

By use of a timer, I can lock and unlock your device for a set prearranged period of time, or even spring it on you as a surprise! The power of remote chastity can also include referendums to decide on your locked duration and random lock time games.

I know you are eager to jump straight into My remote chastity keyholder program, but first I suggest that you start off with a standard chastity device and get used to the experience of being locked up.

To join My remote chastity keyholding program, you will need one of the following devices:-

Qiui Keypod

If you already have a chastity device and want Me to control the key, this can be done via the Qiui key pod. The keypod is a remote control chastity key storage box that you can keep close without having to send Me the key.  Not only can I can control it’s locking and unlocking time from anywhere in the world, but it can be locked via a timer for a prearranged period of time.

The key pod is a wonderful introduction to remote chastity keyholding

CAGINK Cellmate 2

When you are ready to take things further with My keyholding program, you will need the CAGINK Cellmate 2. This is a fully remote controlled, rechargable chastity device which is app operated using bluetooth. This remote controlled chastity device is waterproof and available in two sizes, short and long.  If you’re brave enough to go hardcore in your chastity experience, the cellmate 2 also has a shock/E-stim function with three frequencies: vibration, tremor and tingling – just imagine that! Scary, right? I will also be able to see if and when you unlock the device – so no cheating!

Once you are part of My keyholding programme, I will give you a Qiui Cellmate 2 Instruction manual to help you set up and operate your chastity device.

Keyholding Program Fee:

Includes authority transfer approval via the app and contract agreement. 

Before becoming your remote keyholder you will need to sign a chastity contract to protect both you and Me.  The contract is valid for keyholding duration. The next step is to transfer authority to Me to control your device.

Keyholding program fee: $50

Note: If at any point during your agreed keyholding contract , you wish to revoke My authority within the app, or use the emergency unlocking (see Emergency unlocking below), your contract will be void.  Should you wish to rejoin My keyholding program in the future, you will need to re-sign the contract and pay an $100 penalty fee in addition to the keyholding fee.

Locked Session Fees:

Locked sessions are prearranged for a duration of time and unlocked automatially when the set time is reached. Note: you must be a member of My keyholding program to request a locked session:

1 day: $25
3 day: $50
1 week: $100
2 week: $150
1 month: $250
3 months: $500
6 months: $750
12 months: $1000

Optional services:

Random Timer Game:

This is a spin the wheel type chastity game for the brave.  Let fate determine how long the lock timer will be set for.  There are 8 segments of the wheel. Each segment ranges from 1 day to 12 months. The sub determines the max time he wants to be in chastity, then pays $50 for each spin until he gets the first duration within his time frame. I will provide a screenshot for each spin result.

Example scenario: A slave wants no more than a 1 month locked session. The slave spins once and gets 2 months, then spins again and gets 3 weeks, so he pays 2 x $50 for the spins plus the $100 (1 week locked session fee) + $150 (2 weeks locked session fee).

Random Timer Session: $50 + relevant locked session fee


A referendum allows others to vote on how long they think you should remain locked up for. I could set one vote to be worth days, hours or minutes! Be careful what you wish for!

Per referendum: $100 + relevant locked session fee

Shock/E-Stim play:

The CAGINK Cellmate 2 has three shock frequencies: vibration, tremor, and tingling. This function is accessable under hardcore settings which is unlockable after 30 day’s of Me being your keyholder.

Per shock: $25

Emergency Unlocking

Emergency unlocking/Unscheduled unlocking requests: Free

Note: Emergency unlocking and revoking of My keyholding authority within agreed key holding duration will terminate our contract. For key holding to continue after this, a new key holding contract will be required. Subsequent requests to re-join My keyholding program will incur a $100 penalty + new keyholding program fee of $50 with new contract.

Repeated unlocks, timer cancellations and requests for Me to unlock and cancel the timer during a locked session will incur a penalty delay which is built into the device.  This means that unscheduled unlocking and cancellation of the timer cannot be used within a certain period of time:

  • 1st time unlock 0 days delay
  • 2nd time unlock 0 days delay
  • 3rd unlock 1 day delay
  • 4th unlock 3 days delay
  • 5th unlock 7 days delay
Although not essential, first, I suggest you undertake My Chastity 101- 14 day challenge at  This online course will introduce you to the concept and experience of chastity without the need for a chastity device. By completing My 14 day mental chastity challenge, you will show Me that you are ready to go further by into making it real – by having Me as your keyholder! When you are ready to join My keyholding program, DM Me in for all the details.

After joining My keyholding program, you will be given an illustrated Qiui app instructions manual on how to get started.